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Goddess Fausta Felicitas – Goddess of Good Fortune, Peace & Prosperity


Founded by Maria João Sereno

Fausta Felicitas is an ancient Roman Goddess of Good Fortune and Lucky Happenstance. Her name is essentially two words of the same meaning, likely doubled up for emphasis, for fausta in the Latin is the adjective “favorable” or “auspicious”, while felicitas is the noun meaning “luck”, “good fortune” or “happiness”; Her name can be translated as the nicely redundant “Lucky Luck”, though “She of Auspicious Good Fortune” probably sounds better. Depictions usually show her holding a caduceus, symbol of health, and a cornucopia, symbol of wealth.

The energy of Goddess Fausta Felicitas help you with:

  • Protection
    Good auspicious


Hypochondria Relief Energy


Founded by Maria João Sereno

Hypochondriasis or hypochondria (sometimes referred to as health phobia or health anxiety) refers to excessive preoccupancy or worry about having a serious illness. This debilitating condition is the result of an inaccurate perception of the body’s condition despite the absence of an actual medical condition. An individual suffering from hypochondriasis is known as a hypochondriac. Hypochondriacs become unduly alarmed about any physical symptoms they detect, no matter how minor the symptom may be. They are convinced that they have or are about to be diagnosed with a serious illness.

Hypochondria Relief Energy will help you with

  • Hypochondria symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fears
  • Palpitations
  • Afraid of having an illness
  • Balance energies
  • Bring peace of mind…


Resilience Reiki


Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

Pre-Requisite – Reiki Master

Resilience is a dynamic process whereby individuals exhibit positive behavioral adaptation when they encounter significant adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress. It is different from strengths or developmental assets which are a characteristic of an entire population, regardless of the level of adversity they face. Under adversity, assets function differently (a good school, or parental monitoring, for example, have a great deal more influence in the life of a child from a poorly resourced background than one from a wealthy home with other options for support, recreation, and self-esteem).

Resilience Reiki help you with

Remove blocks
Remove stress
Strength of character
Ability to solve problems
Achieve success
Atittude to life
Emotional awareness


Savanna Reiki (1 – 3 Levels)

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

Pre- Requisite – Reiki Master

Savanna, also spelled savannah, vegetation type that grows under hot, seasonally dry climatic conditions and is characterized by an open tree canopy (i.e., scattered trees) above a continuous tall grass understory. The largest areas of savanna are found in Africa, South America, Australia, India, the Myanmar-Thailand region, and Madagascar.

Savannah Reiki will help with with

Balance and open all chakras
Wellness & Joy
Feel free
Be bold and wild
Increase of libido…
Mental uplift
Emotional disorders
Mental and physical fatigue
Lack of motivation to act
Seasonal depression
Blood circulation
Cold feet and hands
Bone diseases…


Red Rose Reiki

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

A rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. There are over 100 species. They form a group of erect shrubs, and climbing or trailing plants, with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles. Flowers are large and showy, in colours ranging from white through yellows and reds. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa.

Red Rose Reiki will help you with

Intense and passionate love
Attraction & Desire
Courage & Respect
Joy & Happiness
Well being
Diuretic and laxative
Stomach problems
Mouth and throat problems
Treat mild inflammations
Diarrhea and poor digestion
Various urinary tract disorders
Bring balance to nerves and to endocrine glands
Stimulate the immune system
Helping with colds and flus
Alleviate anxiety or depression
Alleviate skin irritations…

Ashtamangala Reiki

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(VMGtummo Mahanada Dhyandhara)

Ashtamangala are a sacred suite of Eight Auspicious Signs endemic to a number of Dharmic Traditions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The symbols or ‘symbolic attributes’ are yidam and teaching tools. Not only do these attributes, these energetic signatures, point to qualities of enlightened mindstream, but they are the investiture that ornaments these enlightened ‘qualities’. Many cultural enumerations and variations of the Ashtamangala are extant.
Groupings of eight auspicious symbols were originally used in India at ceremonies such as an investiture or coronation of a king. An early grouping of symbols included: throne, swastika, handprint, hooked knot, vase of jewels, water libation flask, pair of fishes, lidded bowl. In Buddhism, these eight symbols of good fortune represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha immediately after he gained enlightenment.

Ashtamangala Reiki will help you with

Protection of persons and houses
Health & Longevity
Good Luck & Auspiciousness
Purity and enlightenment
Tenacity, domestic felicity, and fertility
Protection of beings from harmful forces
Abundance, prosperity and wealth
Love & Desire    
Tantric manifestations
and much more…


Goddess Munthukh – The Goddess of Elegance, Love & Health

Founded by

Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhyanadhara)

Munthukh is an Etruscan Love-Goddess and Goddess of Health, one of the attendants of Turan. On one famous engraved mirror-back, Munthukh is shown helping the Bride-Goddess Malaviskh get ready for Her wedding. With fellow attendants Zipu (or Zipanu) and Hinthial, She prepares the bride while Turan, the Love Goddess, watches from the side. Munthukh seems to be in charge of Malaviskh’s make-up, as She stands before Malaviskh holding a brush or makeup applicator while holding Her face lightly between Her hands, as if adjusting Her crown or evaluating the artistry or symmetry of the make-up job so far.

Munthukh’s name means “Elegance” (and She looks it), related words in Etruscan being munth “adornment”, “order”, or “honoring”, and munthu “one who polishes”. The Latin word mundus, of Etruscan origins, in its form as the female name “Munda” is sometimes used as the Latin translation of Munthukh’s name. Mundus has the usual meaning of “the world” or “the universe” in the sense of that which is all-encompassing; but which carries the additional meaning of “ornament”, “decoration”, or “adornment of a woman”.

The energy of Goddess Munthukh help you with:

  • Protection
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Elegance
  • Charm
  • Charisma
  • Rightness and good order.
  • Choosing the right make-up for you
  • Choosing the rights ornaments
  • Chosing elegant clothes