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Goddess Fausta Felicitas – Goddess of Good Fortune, Peace & Prosperity


Founded by Maria João Sereno

Fausta Felicitas is an ancient Roman Goddess of Good Fortune and Lucky Happenstance. Her name is essentially two words of the same meaning, likely doubled up for emphasis, for fausta in the Latin is the adjective “favorable” or “auspicious”, while felicitas is the noun meaning “luck”, “good fortune” or “happiness”; Her name can be translated as the nicely redundant “Lucky Luck”, though “She of Auspicious Good Fortune” probably sounds better. Depictions usually show her holding a caduceus, symbol of health, and a cornucopia, symbol of wealth.

The energy of Goddess Fausta Felicitas help you with:

  • Protection
    Good auspicious



Kamadhenu – The Light of Plenty

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

Kamadhenu (Sanskrit: कामधेनु  Kāmadhenu), also known as Surabhi (सुरभि Surabhī), is a divine bovine-goddess described in Hindu mythology as the mother of all cows. She is a miraculous “cow of plenty” who provides her owner whatever he desires and is often portrayed as the mother of other cattle as well as the eleven Rudras. In iconography, she is generally depicted as a white cow with a female head and breasts or as a white cow containing various deities within her body. All cows are venerated in Hinduism as the earthly embodiment of the Kamadhenu. As such, Kamadhenu is not worshipped independently as a goddess, and temples are not dedicated to her honor alone; rather, she is honored by the veneration of cows in general throughout the observant Hindu population.

Kamadhenu Light of Plenty will help you with

    Good omens
    Good deals
    Fulfilling your wishes
    Protection of cows and quadrupeds…


Daikoku´s Jewel Empowerment

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

Daikokuten or Daikoku  is widely known in Japan as the happy-looking god of wealth, farmers, food, and good fortune, although in earlier centuries he was considered a fierce warrior deity. The oldest extant image of Daikokuten in Japan is dated to the late Heian period (794-1185) and installed at Kanzeonji Temple (Fukuoka prefecture). The statue depicts the deity with a fierce expression, reminding us of his Hindu origin as a war god, as does the late-Heian sculpture of Daikoku at Kongōrinji Temple (Shiga prefecture), which shows him dressed in armor.
Daikoku’s magic mallet is sometimes also inscribed with icons symbolizing the male and female principles, and at other times with a
pear-shaped insignia consisting of three rings. These symbols suggest that sexual energy can be a powerful source of wealth and prosperity.

Daikoku´s Jewel Empowerment will help you with:

Patience and good mood
Good fortune
Prosperity and Wealth
Good Trade
Plentiful food
Sexual energy

EKEKO – The God of Abundance & Prosperity

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhynadhara)

The Ekeko is the Tiwanakan god of abundance and prosperity in the mythology and folklore of the people from the Andean Altiplano.

The current representation corresponds to a reinterpretation made by the artisan Isidro Choquehuanca as a gift for an employee of the Governor and Commanding Officer of the city of La Paz, Bolivia, Sebastián Segurola.
The name Ekeko comes from the alteration of the original term Ekhako or Eqaqo, popularized as Ekhekho which was the ancient god of fortune and prosperity in the
Collasuyu. The Ekhako was often invoked when a disgrace disturbed their homes.

Ekeko help you with

                                              Good fortune & Luck 
                                               Good harvests
                                               Materials goods …

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Goddess Pomona Empowerment – Goddess of Apples, Abundance, Growth and Harvest

Founded by

Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhynadhara)

Ascended Lady Master Pomona

Pomona was the uniquely Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards, and her festival, which she shared with her husband Vertumnus, was always on August 13th. Pomona watches over and protects fruit trees and cares for their cultivation, and Her name is from the Latin pomum, fruit. “Pomme” is the French word for “apple”. She is a uniquely Roman goddess, never identitified with any Greek counterpart, and was particularly associated with the blossoming of trees versus the harvest.

The energy of Goddess Pomona will help you with:

  •  Beauty
  • Inspiring Love
  • Joy
  • Abundance
  • Harvest
  • Gardening
  • Protection of agriculture
  • Protection of home
  • Love for nature
  • Good will

Cornucopia Empowerment

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt) (Mahanada Dhynadhara)

The Oracle of Bellini is a game of Tarot, that reborn by the hands of Edmond Bellini, bringing a method of divination that has long been forgotten.

Each card is energy, and it is this energy that we will work here with a specific card:

The Cornucopia.

The Cornucopia Empowerment will be beneficial:

Bringing in Prosperity;

Open paths for new projects;

Increases your money capital;

Brings Harmony in life;

Brings Harmony in the Couple´s Relationship