Aqua Aura Energy



Founded by
Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

Metal-coated crystals are natural crystals, such as quartz, whose surface has been coated with metal to give them an iridescent metallic sheen. Crystals treated this way are used as gemstones and for other decorative purposes. Possible coatings include gold (resulting in a stone called aqua aura), indium, titanium, niobium and copper. Other names for crystals so treated include angel aura, flame aura, opal aura or rainbow quartz.
Aqua Aura Quartz can be used to activate the Throat, Third-Eye and Crown Chakras. Aqua Aura aids in communication from the heart to the head, allowing for the recognition and communication of the highest truth. Aqua Aura increases psychic skills, enhances clarity in communication, and heightens spiritual awareness.
Use Aqua Aura for meditation or psychic healing.

Aqua Aura Energy will help you with

  • Activate the Throat, Third-Eye and Crown Chakras
    Distance healing work
    Increases psychic skills
    Strengthens meditation
    Heightens spiritual awareness
    Protect against psychic attack
    Release negativities
    Relief stress
    Depression and anxiety
    Success &Abundance
    and more..




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