Hieros Gamos Empowerment

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)



Pre-Requisite – Reiki Master

Hieros gamos or Hierogamy (Greek ἱερὸς γάμος, ἱερογαμία “holy marriage”) refers to a sexual ritual that plays out a marriage between a god and a goddess, especially when enacted in a symbolic ritual where human participants represent the deities. It is the harmonization of opposites.

Hieros Gamos Empowerment will help you with

   Powerful healing
   Life force
   Union with our divinity
   Awakens the kundalini energy
   Acivate the force of pure love
   Inner balance and peace
   Increase awareness
   Increase intuiton
   Increase self-esteem
   Emotional maturity
   Communicate the deepest most intimate levels
   Release traumas
   Union of polar opposites
   Better sex life
   Wisdom and compassion
   Change realities
   Achieving your goals…



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