Angels of the Moon Phases Energy from Planetary Angels Collection (6 attunements)

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)


Pre-Requisite – Reiki Master

Is the Moon that most influences the practice of magic, than any other world in heaven.
The energy of the Angels of the Moon Energy, are very strong, during eclipses.
Each phase of the Moon, also has its corresponding energies. The Angels of the Moon Phases Energies can be used in any practice of healing and magic.

These Angels will help with (Gifts):

Beauty, health, farms, gardens, job-hunting, networking, love and romance, group work, self-improvement.
Animals, business, changes, emotions, matriarchal strength .
Courage, luck, friends, motivation,  magic rituals.
Patience, protection, natural force.
Addictions, divorce, health and healing, stress, protection, karmic issues, release negativity, banish difficulties.
Enemies, quarrels, justice, obstacules, removal, separations, criminals and their acts, death by unjust means.



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