Shitala Devi Healing Energy

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

Shitala (Sheetala), also called Sitala (शीतला śītalā), is a Hindu goddess widely worshipped in North India, West Bengal, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan as the pox-goddess.
Shitala is worshipped under different names all through the subcontinent. Śītalā is more often called mā or āmmā (‘mother’) and is worshipped by Hindus, Buddhists and tribal communities.
Buddhist culture, Jvarasura and Shitala are depicted sometimes as consort of Paranasabari, the Budhhist Goddess of diseases. Jvarasura and Shitala are shown escorting her to her right and left side, respectively. In some images these deities are shown as flying away to escape from wrath of Vajrayogini
, the Buddhist Goddess and destroyer of diseases.

Shitala Devi Healing Energy will help you with

Skin diseases
Blood diseases
Small pox
and more…



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