The Three Pure Ones Reiki (1 – 3 Levels)

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

Pre-Requisite – Reiki Master

The Three Pure Ones also translated as the Three Pure Pellucid Ones, the Three Pristine Ones, the Three Divine Teachers, the Three Clarities, or the Three Purities is the Taoist Trinity, the three highest Gods in the Taoist pantheon. They are sometimes compared to to the Christian concept of a triune God due to the roles played by each of them (the Creator, the Guardian, and the Teacher).
The first pure one is universal or heavenly chi. The second pure one is human plane chi and third pure one is earth chi. Heavenly chi includes the chi or energy of all the planets, stars and constellations as well as the energy of god (the force of creation and universal love). Human plane chi is the energy that exists on the surface of our planet and sustains human life and the earth force includes all of the forces inside the planet as well as the five elemental forces.

The Pure Ones Reiki will help you with
Protection against negative energies
Powerful healing
Healing the past, present and future
Clear, purify and balance all chakras
Remove blocks
Clean negative energy from spaces
Raise your vibrations
Develop Unconditional love & Compassion
Understand the past of enlightenment
Lightness of being
Relieve Karma
Spiritual maturity
Manifest new realities…

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