Flower Essence Saint Germain – Abundancia Energy

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

The Florais de Saint Germain is a Brazilian line of flower essences!
Floral de Saint Germain were received and attuned by Neide Margonari, plastic artist, who ended up choosing your spiritual path by choosing to dedicate himself exclusively to floral.
The flower essence theraphy is a supra physical modality of therapeutic action.


Abundância (Plectranthus numularis)

 Apprentice of the confidence in the Divinity and of the giving with love to connect all the gifts. The Green Ray and the Golden Ray act on the Abundancia floral essence, in order to syntonize us with the energy of the Divine abundance that is available in the Cosmos.

Flower Essence Saint-Germain – Abundância Energy wil lhelp you with
Remove negative blocks
Remove negative mental postures
Syntonize us with the energy of the Divine abundance
Confidence in the Divinity
Expansion of the consciousness
Sentiment of gratitude


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