Ashtamangala Reiki

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(VMGtummo Mahanada Dhyandhara)

Ashtamangala are a sacred suite of Eight Auspicious Signs endemic to a number of Dharmic Traditions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The symbols or ‘symbolic attributes’ are yidam and teaching tools. Not only do these attributes, these energetic signatures, point to qualities of enlightened mindstream, but they are the investiture that ornaments these enlightened ‘qualities’. Many cultural enumerations and variations of the Ashtamangala are extant.
Groupings of eight auspicious symbols were originally used in India at ceremonies such as an investiture or coronation of a king. An early grouping of symbols included: throne, swastika, handprint, hooked knot, vase of jewels, water libation flask, pair of fishes, lidded bowl. In Buddhism, these eight symbols of good fortune represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha immediately after he gained enlightenment.

Ashtamangala Reiki will help you with

Protection of persons and houses
Health & Longevity
Good Luck & Auspiciousness
Purity and enlightenment
Tenacity, domestic felicity, and fertility
Protection of beings from harmful forces
Abundance, prosperity and wealth
Love & Desire    
Tantric manifestations
and much more…



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