Godai Reiki (1 – 5 Levels attunements)

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(VMG Mahanada Dhyanadhara)

One may encounter two kinds of five elements philosophy in Japan. One is called, in Japanese, gogyō, having its backgrounds in the Chinese five elements, and the other is called godai. Godai is usually regarded as a Buddhism term in Japan, with certain influences from Hinduism.
The five elements are, in ascending order of power, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Void. This last is usually translated as “void” when referring to the elements, but refers to “sky” in most other contexts, and is therefore sometimes translated as “Heaven”. Sometimes a sixth element is added, representing Consciousness, or shiki.

Godai Reiki will help you with

 Powerful healing physical, mentally and emotional
 Spiritual enlightenment 
 Cleanses and balances all the chakras 
 Clears the negative energies 
 Strengthen bones, muscles and tissues
 Be peaceful
 Be focus
 Remove stress, fear, anger, envy…
 Relate harmoniously
 and much more…



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