The Magic Light of Ibejis

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhyanadhara)

Ibeji (Yoruba: Ìbejì) is a term in the Yoruba language meaning “twins.”
The Yoruba are a major African ethnic group; in their culture twins are traditionally very important beings. In the Yoruba language “ibeji” literally means “twins”. Carved wooden figures made to house the soul of a dead twin are also called ibeji. These wooden figures, six to ten inches high and carved with the family mask, are often well tended. The Yoruba people believe that this care and tending helps ensure the survival of the other twin. In the Yoruba traditional religion, there is a deity that represents twins called Orisha Ibeji or Orisa Ibeji.

The child that we have within us the memories of childhood. Close your eyes and remember, a happy moment, a mischief, and you’ll be living or reviving a legend of this Orixá . Because everything good that has happened in our childhood, was governed, generated and managed by Ibeji. Therefore, Ibeji has lived all luck and shenanigans that we humans live.
The legend and the story of Ibeji, happens every time a child happy. At least to keep alive this important Orisha, seeks to give happiness to a child. Make yourself the enchantment of Ibeji. It’s easy: make generate within themselves the happiness to be alive. Convey this happiness, infuses your next with it. Enchant Ibeji with magic smile, with the love of a child. And be a happy Ibeji!

Properties of the system

    Protection to children
    Happiness and joy
    Enjoy life
    Love nature
    Loving children

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