The Egregore of the Healing Goddesses (5 levels)

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

In Greek mythology, Panacea (Greek Πανάκεια, Panakeia) was a goddess of healing. She was the daughter of Asclepius and Epione. Panacea and her five sisters each performed a facet of Apollo’s art: Panacea was the goddess of cures, Iaso (remedy) was the goddess of recuperation, Hygieia (good-health) was the goddess of disease prevention, Aceso (healing) was the goddess of recovery, and Aglaea was the goddess of natural beauty.
Panacea also had four brothers – Podaleirus, one of the two kings of Tricca, who had a flair for diagnostics, and Machaon, the other king of Tricca, who was a master surgeon (these two took part in the Trojan War until Machaon was killed by Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons); Telesphoros, who devoted his life to serving Asclepius; and Aratus, her stepbrother, who was a Greek hero and the patron/liberator of Sicyon.

Properties of the system

    Disease prevention
    Natural beauty
    Balance all chakras
    Physical, emotional and psychic balance

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2 thoughts on “The Egregore of the Healing Goddesses (5 levels)

  1. Hello Bridgett!

    On Oct 18, 2011 I had a could of been serious accident with a flying piece of 2″ x 6″ I was alone when it happened, as this seems to be when I do these things… It was no one’s fault and no doubt could not of been prevented. One of the supports the board was laying on, decided to roll just has the blow hit the board, which caused it to fly through the air and land, bouncing down the right side of my face and cracking my cheek bone. I still daily Thank the universe for my Carmichael high cheek bones for I am positive this is what saved my eye.
    Still, the eye and all the surrounding area immediately swelled while bleeding. I couldn’t see at all except the mere fraction out of the corner of my left eye. So what did I do? I sat down, took a picture and sent it to facebook… In case I died, you know. ROTFLMAO! Shock does strange things to all of us.

    Then, as I could see more, I calmed down and found my brain… Going into the house and placing ice onto right eye, and eventually rubbing Lavender Oil on it.

    Thankfully, quick response of posting the wood bashed face introduced me to this healing methodology by Bridget. I am telling you, I have never recovered from skin and bone injuries this quick. I have no doubt, what so ever, that it is the Reiki sent…

    I want to THANK-YOU, Bridget! For your all compassing soul love and healing energy!

    With much graitude, Marsh EverEvolvingSoul

    ♥ ♥ Love ♥¨¯`♥


    • I send Reiki and Egregore of the Healing Goddesses energy to You, when I saw your pic!
      I´m truly happy, for your quick recovery!
      Thank you, Dear Marsha, for your kind words!
      Have a lovely and blessed life!
      Brigitt 🙂


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