The Magic Power of the God Heka

Founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

In Egyptian mythology, Heka (also spelt Hike) was the deification of magic, his name being the Egyptian word for magic. According to Egyptian writing (Coffin text, spell 261), Heka existed “before duality had yet come into being.” The term “Heka” was also used for the practice of magical ritual. The Coptic word “hik”, is derived from the Ancient Egyptian.
Heka literally means activating the Ka, the
aspect of the soul which embodied personality. Egyptians thought activating the power of the soul was how magic worked. “Heka” also implied great power and influence, particularly in the case of drawing upon the Ka of the gods. Heka acted together with Hu, the principle of divine utterance, and Sia, the concept of divine omniscience, to create the basis of creative power both in the mortal world and the world of the gods.

God Heka will help you with

    Increase your Healing skills
    Power and respect of others
    Increase power to Magic Rituals
    Knowledge and wisdom
    Spiritual Ills
    Animal attacks
    Infectious diseases
    Perils of childbirth
    And more…


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