Malidthu The Goddess of Love, Fertility, Childbirth & Myrrh-Tree

Founded by

Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhyanadhara)

Malidthu is a Canaanite Goddess of Love, Fertility, Childbirth, and the fragrant Myrrh-tree. She is the mother of Kinnur or Kinaru, the Musician God of the Phoenicians, who is to be equated with ‘Adon, “the Lord”, a River-God and variant of the young God of the Grain, whose death and resurrection parallel the seasons and the life-cycle of the crops. He was called Adonis by the Greeks.

Goddess Malidthu help you with:

  • Purification
  • Grounding
  • Love
  • Fertility,
  • Childbirth
  • Renewals
  • Beauty
  • Attraction
  • Loveliness