Madam Lenormand Empowerment – The Fortune-Teller

Founded by

Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhyanadhara)

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (Alençon, 27 May 1772 – Paris, 25 June 1843) was a French professional fortune-teller, active for more than 40 years and of considerable fame during the Napoleonic era. She claimed to have given cartomantic advice to many famous persons, among them leaders of the French revolution (Marat, Robespierre and St-Just), Empress Josephine, and Czar Alexander. In 1814 she started a second literary career and published many texts, causing many public controversies. She was imprisoned more than once, though never for very long. In France she’s considered the greatest cartomancer of all time, highly influential on the wave of French cartomancy that began in the late 18th century.

Madam Lenormand Empowerment help you with:

  • Fortune-telling
  • Tarot
  • Cartomancy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Prophecy
  • Tarot magic
  • Sucess