Kamadeva & Rati Love Empowerment

Founded by Gabriela Y. Szafman & Maria João Sereno (Brigitt) (Mahanada Dhyanadhara)

Kamadeva, the god of love, is very fair and handsome and the best looking among the gods. He carries a bow made of sugarcane and strung with a line of humming bees. He shoots with his bow the five flower-tipped shafts of desire. He is accompanied by his wife Rati (passion) and his friend Vasanta (spring), who selects for him the shaft to be used on the current victim. Kamadeva’s vehicle is the parrot.

Generally described as the son of Lakshmi and Vishnu, he is also said to be the son of Brahma.

Kamadeva & Rati Love Empowerment will empower your:

  • Attraction
  • Sex Appeal and Sensuality
  • Physical Beauty
  • Good Luck in Relationships
  • Joy and Happiness
  • Increases Emotions
  • Awakens the Passion
  • Gives a Sexual Boost in Couples Relations
  • Courage and Boldness
  • Strengthens the Ties Between Two Passionate Beings
  • Enhances Health