Celtic Signs Collection – Cancer / Goddess Dana

Founded by:

Gabriela Yasmin Szafman & Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)


Triple Goddess of Home and Family

“Sons of the Goddess Dana or Irish Don Welsh, She represented the Clan of Family Unity.”

Goddess of fertility and life. Dana or Danu was the Goddess Mother of the Tribe of the Tuatha of Danann, People of the Goddess Danu or Tribes of Dana.

Some scholars believe that Dana and Anna are the same deity.

Tribal members who remained in Ireland formed the “Daoine Sídhe” which literally means “People of the Fairies.”

Inhabitants of Sídhe Hills or Holy People from the Other World or Avalon, the Island of Eternal Youth, were also known as “Those who always live” because they kept the secret of immortality.

Also known as Danu, she is the largest Mother Goddess of Celtic mythology.

Her name “Dan” means knowledge and has been preserved in Welsh mythology as the Goddess Don, while other sources equated her to the Goddess Anu.


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