Caia Caecilia – The Roman Goddess of Fire, Hearth, Healing & Women

Founded by

Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhyanadhara)

Caia Caecilia, also called Gaia Caecilia, is a Roman Goddess of Fire, the Hearth, Healing and Women. Two seperate, though ultimately linked, Goddesses were known as Caia: Caia Taracia, and Caia Caecilia, also known as Tanaquil, an early Roman Queen (though some said Caia Caecilia referred to Tanaquil’s deified daughter-in-law, rather than Tanaquil herself). Caia Taracia was a Vestal Virgin who was remembered for having given a large amount of land to the city of Rome; much like Acca Larentia, She was honored for the gift after Her death, and a statue was dedicated to Her. There is evidence that the stories of Acca Larentia and Caia Taracia are from the same root-one of the territories (ager) given by Acca Larentia to Rome was called the Ager Turax, and “Turax” is a version of “Taracia”.

The energy of Goddess Caia Caecilia help you with:

  •     Protection
  •     Healing
  •     Power
  •     Fire
  •     Happiness
  •     Intelligence
  •     Arts of augury and prophecy
  •     Medicine
  •     Mathematics
  •     Ambitions
  •     Grace
  •     Sensuality
  •     Be strong and confident
  •     Wedding ceremonies
  •     Blessings over marriages and brides
  •     And more…