Sacred Silver Moon

Founder : Maria Joao Sereno (Brigitt).

William Shakespeare, once wrote in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “I thank thee for thy sunny beams; I thank thee, Moon, for shining now so bright.”

Pre-Requisite – Reiki 2º level.

I channelled this system while I was working with the energies of Sacred Sun from Hari Andri Winarso.

The Moon is a inspiring muse for so many lovers and poets. It is consecrated to the feminine spirit, as a symbol of the Goddess.

The Moon governs the deepest emotions, and the mysticism.

The Moon is considered as a lamp, when receiving the sunbeams, it spreads on the Earth Her light and Her blessings.

The Moon cleans, cures and protects.

This system can be used together with the energies of Reiki, in order to optimize the energies.

With this System You Will be Able to :

To take contact with deeper emotional blockages and to free them ;

To increase the level of sensibility of the energies ;

To develop the feminine energies or to balance them ;

To develop your intuition ;

Perception of the energies around you starting from your aura ;

A more profound relaxation while you sleep ;

Protection in environments loaded with negative energies ;

To balance your emotions ;

Pre – menstrual tension ;

Attract new friendships ;

Fertility ;

Helps in the childbirths.