Planetary Angels Collection – Angels of Mercury Energy

Founded by

Maria João Sereno (Brigitt)

(Mahanada Dhynadhara)

The fast governing communicative Angels of Mercury are: Raphael, Michael, Tiriel, Hasdiel, Barkiel, Zadkiel.

Angels of Mercury are concerned with immense communicative perceptions.

They care about the way information is delivered and understood, and help in the formation of ideas and opinions.

They also help with the dexterity and manual skills, responses to stimulation, traveling and transport.

 These Angels will help with (Gifts):

  •  Adaptability;
  • Mental activity,
  • Effort;
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Speed of thinking
  • Develop good communication skills;
  • Dexterity;
  • Agility;
  • Eloquence;
  • Wisdom
  • Brightness
  • Protection in travel
  • Protection of the studies and examinations.